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Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company


Saddle up and enjoy some spectacular views as you ride along Dinosaur Valley State Park scenic trails. Being on the back of a horse gives you a different perspective of the park’s untouched beauty and a connection with the past. EERCC is honored to share our love of horses, nature, and the past with our guests. Eagle Eye Ranch also specializes in horse-drawn carriage service for all your event needs! Romantic occasions, weddings, parades, family reunions, quinceaneras, and photo shoots are a few of the events that are made special by our services. We offer a beautiful entrance to any event. We pride ourselves on being a professional carriage service with years of experience. We add “cowboy-chic flare” to any event. Eagle Eye Ranch’s horses are seasoned veterans that enjoy doing their part in making your event special while looking beautiful for the camera.

Ed Young Gas Station “Outlaw Station”

  • On Google Maps, it can be found at the junction of Old US Hwy 67 and Outlaw Station.
  • 254-897-3081


The Ed Young Gas Station in Glen Rose. All that is left is it’s a beautiful and unique shell. It is a favorite for photographers and sightseers in the dinosaur capital Rumored to have been a speakeasy back in the 1920s, this petrified wood beauty is a great roadside stop when you're taking the time to Explore Glen Rose!