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Open Mon-Sat 6a-2p

Teriyaki Chinese Food Restaurant


Open M-Sat 11a-9p

The Casita at McLand


Explore this cozy cabin getaway nestled between Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and Dinosaur Valley State Park. The perfect country getaway. There are 15 acres to roam. We have goats and chickens that children may feed with supervision.

The Farmacy on the River


Your source for local and organic produce, meats, eggs, baked goods, health foods, supplements, essential oils, and alkaline water. We also provide health consultations by appointment and weekly workshops to empower our shoppers.

The GOAT Ranch


The GOAT Ranch is a working Boer goat ranch with a kidding season each spring. They typically have about 100 baby goats from about 60 does each year, and take pride in giving them a good life of browsing freely on different areas of the property. The GOAT Ranch offers a unique ranch experience by hosting goat yoga sessions with YogiFit Yoga as well as private tours and yoga sessions. For The GOAT Ranch, being in the presence of goats is where peace is found.

The Green Pickle


Open Thurs - Sun 11a-3p

The Lodge at Fossil Rim


The Lodge was originally the “ranch house” of the man – Tom Mantzel – who began Fossil Rim from square one in 1973. It features five unique guest rooms, each with a different animal theme. There is a full-size kitchen and dining area, a cathedral-style living room, and a massive stone fireplace. A wall of glass wraps around the front of the building, opening onto a wood-and-cobblestone deck that overlooks a wildlife grazing area. Animals like waterbuck, addax, sable, fallow deer, and wild turkeys appear near The Lodge as they migrate across the 420-acre Main Pasture. The panoramic view of the landscape is a sight for sore eyes, as this area is far removed from daily guest traffic. On the second floor, there is a common area to relax. When guests from more than one family stay at The Lodge at the same time, social distancing precautions will be taken. In the morning, a complimentary hot breakfast is provided, and then heading out on a guided tour to learn all about Fossil Rim’s animal conservation programs could be a great call. Admission tickets to drive through in your own vehicle are included and could be used on the day of arrival instead of the morning.

The Rooster at Squaw Valley Golf Course

The Stone Hut Fossil Shop


1184 FM 205

Tracks in Time

Tracks In Time Too

Tractor Supply

Tres Rios Resort – Membership Based